Cinderella's Blues

An Action-Packed Re-telling of the Cinderella Story

You can't kick butt in glass shoes.

Fancy shoes are the least of Cinderella's problems. She's met a boy she likes, but he's got baggage - a murderous regent with armed henchmen. If she wants to dance with her prince, she'll have to rescue him first.

It's time to take off the glass slippers and kick a little butt, or Cinderella will never survive until midnight. Enjoy an action-packed re-telling of the Cinderella story.

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Justice Girl Gets Her Man

A Superhero Love Story

Got superpowers?

Who is Captain Justice? Carmen DeSantos would like to know, and not just because he's a hunk. He might be the only one who can stop the sinister Dr. Dread. Except for Carmen herself. She's developing super powers of her own, and doing her best to keep it a secret.

Epic battles between good and evil aren't quite her cup of tea. She's more interested in catching the eye of Derek, her unbelievably good-looking co-worker. Then a frightened young man comes to her for help, and she turns him away. When he turns up dead, Carmen faces a tough choice. Will she stay in the shadows, wishing someone would do something? Or suit up, hit the streets, and dish out some justice?

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