Gears of a Mad God

Book 1

Proper young ladies in the 1920s don't get dirty, and they certainly don't get into fights. But Colleen's favorite uncle has died under mysterious circumstances, and she wants answers. When a sinister cult comes after her, she pushes back - hard.

Soon she's running for her life, hunted by the cult of Katharis and aided by a secret government agency. It will take all of her courage, all of her strength, and every steam-powered weapon she can devise to keep her alive long enough to unravel the mystery of her uncle's death.

The cult thinks she knows her uncle's secrets. They'll do anything, hurt anyone, to make her talk. But they've made a grave mistake. Colleen is going to take the fight to them, again and again, until the people she cares about are safe - or have been avenged.

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Dark Island

Gears of a Mad God Book 2

What is Tanathos, and why will a mysterious cult kill to find it?

Armed with the remnant of a burned map, Colleen Garman is in the Dutch East Indies, trying to solve the mystery of Tanathos. But the South Pacific in the 1920s is a dangerous place, and the cult is hot on her heels. From a rooftop chase in Java to a showdown in the jungle on an isolated island, she's fighting for her life and trying to stay one step ahead of the cult.

The stakes have never been higher. The cult wants to open a portal and let a mad ancient god loose in the world. And Colleen knows the danger is real. The malevolent god has started invading her mind...

Isolated and betrayed, faced with murder and mayhem, Colleen is in the fight of her life. She will need every scrap of courage, every shred of ingenuity, every steam-powered gadget she can devise, if she is ever going to make it off of Dark Island with her life - and her soul.

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Hell's Gate

Gears of a Mad God Book 3

How far would you go for a friend? What would you risk?

A devastating raid by the cult of Katharis leaves Colleen Garman alone, faced with a formidable task. The world itself hangs in the balance as the cult opens a portal to another realm. Colleen's duty is plain - she must close the portal at any cost, and keep it closed.

But her old friend Carter is trapped on the other side. To get him back she will have to risk everything. Her only ally is Dirk Smith, a government agent locked up in an insane asylum. Somewhere in his shattered mind are the clues she needs to thwart the cult, get back the portal stones, and attempt a rescue.

The stakes couldn't be higher. She risks setting the mad god Katharis loose in the world. But if she succeeds it could mean salvation for Carter - and maybe even Smith, as well.

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Gears of a Mad God Omnibus

All Three Gears of a Mad God Books in One Volume

Get all three books in the classic Steampunk/Lovecraft trilogy in one money-saving volume. Follow Colleen Garman from Toronto, to Victoria, to the Dutch East Indies, to Washington, to the realm of Katharis, as she battles a mysterious cult with her life, her sanity, and the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

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The Airship War

Gears of a Mad God Book 4

Colleen Garman has faced homicidal cultists, determined assassins, and monsters from beyond this plane of reality, but this could be her most terrifying assignment yet. She has to travel to Monaco, and crash a party.

Benedeto Disaronna is a spoiled young prince, ruler of Capria, an island in the Mediterranean that he cares nothing about. But the cult of Katharis has taken an interest in Capria. Colleen doesn't know what the cult is after, but she knows she has to stop them.

Ben doesn't care about cults, and he has no desire to face a murderous governor, his armed henchmen, or a band of sky pirates. He thinks he can walk away, but he hasn't planned on Colleen. She needs him to do what's right, and she won't be taking no for an answer. She's taking on the cult of Katharis, and Ben is going to help her, whether he likes it or not!

Assault on Villamar

Gears of a Mad God Book 5

Colleen Garman is on the island of Capria, running for her life. The cult of Katharis is hunting her, men on the ground guided by a hijacked airship in the sky above.

As she gathers islanders loyal to Ben, prince of Capria, and prepares for a counterstrike, Colleen receives devastating news. Ben, the man who has come to mean everything to her, has been captured. He's being held in a castle in Sardinia.

A rescue attempt would be suicidal. Good people would die, and achieve nothing. It breaks her heart, but Colleen realizes that she has to let him go.

Ben's followers, though, are fanatical in their loyalty. With or without her, they will storm the castle to save Ben or die trying. Colleen has no choice but to join them on a mad balloon ride across the Mediterranean and a midnight assault on a fortress. The rescuers will pay a terrible price, but the cult of Katharis is going to take a beating it will never forget, and one way or another, Ben will be free.

Airship Down

Gears of a Mad God Book 6

Colleen Garman is not having a good day.

Mercenary soldiers have invaded the Mediterranean island of Capria. Ben, the man who means everything to her, is leading the resistance. Colleen's job, as she sees it, is to keep him alive long enough to drive the invaders out. But when the airship returns, the resistance crumbles and Ben and Colleen must run for their lives.

Harried and hunted, Colleen has all she can handle just staying alive - until the air turns cold, and a strange cloud forms over Monte Albo. The cult is opening a portal. They're about to release the mad god Katharis.

With the fate of the world at stake, Colleen has to stop running and take the fight to the invaders. It means letting go of smaller concerns, like Ben. Or her own survival. The seconds are ticking down, the mad god is coming closer, and Colleen has to stop him - no matter what the cost.

The Airship War Omnibus

Gears of a Mad God Books 4-6